Scott Cao Workshop, Chinese Cello, 2020

This very attractive Chinese Cello, under the ‘Scott Cao’ brand, is a handmade instrument carefully constructed on the Stradivari ‘Gore Booth’ cello of 1710. This was right in the middle of Stradivari’s ‘Golden Period’ and around the time that he developed his most famous ‘Forma-B’ model. This cello has a warm golden varnish and a big warm sound to match!

Scott Cao studied at the violin making school in Cremona, Italy. He subsequently set up a violin making workshop in China and in the United States where he currently resides. Instruments from his workshops are often direct copies of famous master instruments and are well respected and recognised as being in the upper level of modern trade production.

It is set-up to our ‘Master’ standard with a fine Belgian bridge and Larsen ‘Ill Cannone’ strings.

Reference: 7465


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