Thomastik Rondo Violin Strings Set 4/4

Rondo is part of the Thomastik-Infeld luthier line! These strings were created for the sophisticated violinist and to meet the professional needs of luthiers. Rondo strings work on many different instruments but are particularly popular among soloists playing old instruments. The RO100 set comes with a synthetic core, aluminum wound A-string, providing great modulation and a rich spectrum of sound colors. For those wanting to stay true to the traditional steel A-string or looking for 100% corrosion resistance and easier playability, Rondo offers a steel A-string without the common downsides of sounding too bright or shrill.

Thomastik-Infeld Rondo violin strings are very often used by instrument builders and sellers, because the strings are a good mix between warmth and projection. They let the instrument speak for itself and work especially well on older violins.

The strings are packed in a neutral bag. The E string has a removable ball end.

  • Great balance of warmth and brilliance
  • Soloistic power
  • Vast dynamic range
  • Immediate bow response
  • Reduces wolf tones


The standard set contains following strings:

  • E string: steel, tinned
  • A string: synthetic, aluminum wound (alternative set with A chrome wound also available)
  • D string: synthetic, silver wound
  • G string: synthetic, silver wound


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