Zosimo Napolitano, Italian 15 ½” Viola, 1987

This modern Italian viola is a modest size, at 15 ½”(39.5cm) back length, but gains in-body air volume from Brescian inspired arching which helps to develop it’s deep, rich viola sound. The handsome tone woods and warm brown varnish along with the subtle marks left from hand tools adds to its overall character.

Zosimo Napolitano is not himself a recorded maker but his label indicates that he was a pupil of Giovanni Foschini in Bagnacavallo and the work clearly shows the guidance of a master so we suspect that he was not fully professional but one of the many dedicated amateur makers who have been captivated by the craft.

The viola is fitted up to our ‘Master’ level with Evah Pirazzi strings. We feel it’s the sort of instrument that is good now and will develop with playing; a really rewarding viola that would suit the advanced or advancing student or young professional player.

Reference: VA.158