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Setting up an instrument is the term given to the complex set of processes carried out by a violin maker which affect the individual instrument and allow it to perform at its best.

These processes and variables include: –

• The shape and height of the bridge
• The shape of the finger board – both in profile and along its length
• Density of the wood of the bridge and its placement on the instrument in relationship to the structural members inside the instrument such as the sound post and the bass bar
• The weight and length of the tailpiece
• The type and gauge of strings used
• Height and shape of the top nut
• Length of, and material used for, the tailgut
…the list goes on…

None of these variables can be viewed in isolation as a change in one may affect all the others. There will always be an optimum set up for each individual instrument and only a fully trained, experienced violin maker will be able to achieve this.

At Alex W Grant Violins all the instruments on offer have undergone thorough set up procedures and, in their various grades, are performing at the optimum level.

We are pleased to offer two choices in setups to suit your budget and performance requirements: The 3* student setup and the 5* professional setup. The student 3* set up features in all of the beginner range of instruments whilst the 5* setup is used for the intermediate, advanced and fine range.

The 3* Student Setup involves:

Tuning pegs are lubricated

Top nut is adjusted in height

Sharp edges of the fingerboard are softened

Good quality adjustable foot bridge is fitted and adjusted to the correct height

Factory supplied sound post is adjusted

Better quality strings, such as Tonica, are fitted

Factory supplied tailpiece is lubricated and fitted

Bow screw is checked and lubricated

Case is checked for proper functioning

Bow hair is checked for even length and rosin is applied

The 5* set up includes:

All of the above plus a fully professionally fitted Milo Stamm European bridge and sound post

Tuning pegs properly fitted or replaced

Fingerboard planed to the correct profile and longitudinal relief

New fine tuner tailpiece is fitted where required